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Optic Nerve (also known as The Organization, The Bureau, and the Anti-S.Walker Unit) is a shadowy government organization who is apparently monitoring "The Slender Man ". It is highly probable that this is the same orgnization that the so called "Men In Black" who cover up UFO sightings are part of.

Known InformationEdit

All known information on Optic Nerve has been taken from eye witness reports, andfour documents released on WikiLeaks in 2010 . What we do know is that they:

  • Have a basic understanding of Slenderman
  • Refer to him as The Tall Man or S.Man
  • Have interviewed and detained victims of Slender Man
  • Are aware of Slender Man's traits
  • Believe Slender Man to harvest organs
  • Refer to Slender Man as a serial killer to civilians
  • Have been researching Slender Man for many years
  • Believe Slender Man to have killed and be continually active across the world
  • Do not know how to neutralize him
  • Have a North America and Asia Branch, and can reasonably be assumed to have one for each continent.
  • Has, and still does, deal with creatures and happenings besides the Slender Man.
  • As of 2009, they had been running the S.MAN case for 21 years, and had made no progress in figuring out how to kill it, or if that was even possible.
  • Have since changed the objective of the case from SCD (SEARCH/CAPTURE/DESTROY) to ORS (OBSERVE/RECORD/STUDY).



An Optic Nerve Agent

Optic Nerve Agents tend to dress in all black suits with white shirts, black trenchcoats, black gloves, and black fedoras. You know, like the Men In Black associated with UFOs and the like.