"Do not worry, your death will serve his purpose" - Lord Yuma

Lord Yuma is the leader of The Stalked and is considered a highly intelligent and dangerous individual. He lives at his Church he calls The Ever Reaching Vatican.


Age: 68

Weight: 123 lbs(56 kg)

Height: 5'8''. (173 cm)

Hair: Black. Buzzed short.

Skin: Caucasian

Eyes: Swirling several colors including neon blue, orange, grey, and black

Defining Features: Always wearing a well-kept business suit with red tie, expensive black formal attire shoes, and solid white gloves.

Personality: Religious, devout, amoral, destructive, unpredictable.


Lord Yuma's rise to power isn't entirely certain, however he willingly tells his 'followers'. He claims to have existed "in three dimensions at once" before The Slender Man found him. The Slender Man appeared to try and attack him until it was unable to reach him, at which point he was given a prophetic vision of the destruction of the world. At this, he was released from his prison and founded the Church of The Stalked. Since then, he claims his encounter with The Slender Man lead him to gaining multiple powers.

Yuma's background doesn't actually make sense from a logical standpoint, and is contradicted by the fact that this still doesn't actually explain his powers. He somehow gained the ability to mind-wipe individuals, emit sigma radiation without damaging himself, and can Slender-Walk. The only power he has absolute control over is the mind wiping. He has no control over his sigma radiation output, nor his Slender-Walk. Yuma also has unpredictable mind-reading ability, which seems to work on an unconscious level both for Yuma and for the target he reads. Rather than being able to hear their thoughts, he can see the reactions in their brains to assess their personalities and reactions to specific situations. It is to note that while he can read them, he cannot manipulate it in any way, and thus anyone who deviates from their intended action will catch him off guard.

After Yuma founded his church, he found out about many organizations such as The Researchers, The Principle of Hamartia, and many various Fear worshiping or Fear servant groups. Yuma apparently found it disgusting that beings such as Slender Man would work with humans, or organizations thought they could live alongside or even kill such beings. To this end, he stated The Slender Man demands the destruction of all life, and this is an edict The Stalked follow. This includes themselves as well once their mission is complete, and to never try to save themselves if they could die and take their enemy with them.