Brief Bio Edit

Cecil is a character who prefers not to appear in person. Rather, he remains behind a screen, sending his messages through online chat, blogs, forums, and boards. His avatar resembles a whitened silhouette of a human male with eyes that appear rather large, and messy hair. When encountered in person, he generally sticks to the shadows, and, on occasion, speaks through a vocal distorter that gives him the tone of an 8-12 year old child.

Cecil has a thick English accent. He also stands at about 5'5", with curly, scruffy light-brownish hair that drapes over his face. He appears fairly young, no older than fifteen. He has quite a pale complexion, and it incredibly, unhealthily thin, although it is difficult to tell his bodily shape through the unnecessarily enormous shirt that reaches to midway down his shins. He tends to wear a pair of black-and-white plaid pajamas, and it generally barefoot, giving him the appearance of someone fresh out of bed, especially with the clear bags beneath his grey-ish eyes.

As stated prior in the chat, Cecil owns a two-way radio. He will occasionally use it as a voice-to-text transcription.

Cecil also owns a pistol, an Enfield No.2, though he is reluctant to use it.

Cecil is generally pro-life, and does not enjoy conflict. He tries to avoid it as much as possible.

Cecil does not appear to have any special abilities.

Cecil likes the rain.

Cecil enjoys hot cocoa.

Despite Cecil's apparently good intentions, he is psychopathic, willing to cut off any dead weight that he might accumulate. It is likely that the Slender Man's presence influences this.

He does not think negatively of the Slender Man. Despite that he fears him, he is equally interested in him, and has shown respect towards him.

Cecil has connections to the Optic Nerve. They appear to be in conflict, although this may not be entirely true.