• Fobarimperius


    June 8, 2016 by Fobarimperius

    “Roughly two hours ago, strange lights and several explosions dotted this national park, however the source of these explosions and odd sightings are currently unknown. While federal and local authorities are looking into the situation and have not yet released many details, it appears a large vehicle of some sort was ripping apart portions of the national park like a bulldozer. Authorities are trying to find the vehicle, but the tracks seem to come to a halt roughly thirty feet from my position“.

    The video switched from the news reporter at the park back to the news anchor at the station. While they spoke about the situation, Lucifer sat in his chair, stroking his forehead slowly with four of his fingers, his thumb digging into his cheekbo…

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  • Fobarimperius


    June 6, 2016 by Fobarimperius

    The rain pounded against the trees and earth as if trying to slip them up as they ran. This was not the first time they had ever been in such a predicament, however given the nature of this escape compounded with the prize they had stolen, they simply hoped the fear of being found after firing an explosive round would be enough to scare their pursuer from firing. With that said, being run over was still a distinct possibility.

    The older man of the three in the group, carrying an unconscious woman on his back, quickly turned to the other two as he ran. “watch your footing carefully! There’s a lot of mud!”

    “Got it!” replied the teenage girl to his right, the young boy to his left remaining silent as they moved.

    It almost sounded like a loud puf…

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  • Implord

    Leon Riggs

    May 31, 2015 by Implord

    Name: Leon Riggs

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: German

    Affiliation: Runner

    Abillities: High Intelligence, "Scientific Necromancy"

    Titles: Doktor (German for "Doctor", though he forgot what kind of Doctor), Implord (The people of his village considered his "pets" as demons/imps and Leon himself as a witch)

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  • Cecil Z

    The following text is transcripted audio taken directly from two audio recording devices placed in strategic locations in the J.V.Clark School gymnasium fire exit. The audio was in Optic Nerve custody until earlier today.

    >Begin transcript

    [Rustling of leaves]

    [Heavy wind]

    [Crunching of snow, presumably footsteps]

    [A rather young sounding female voice is heard]

    Female 1: Minister? I beg your pardon, but shall we be joined by--

    [Abrupt, brief silence, minus the wind]

    [A bassy, yet somewhat raspy voice speaks]

    Male 1: He will be expected shortly. We will likely be beginning without him.

    Female 1: But what if he interrupts? Surely that won't be--

    Male 1: He will not disrupt us.

    Female 1: How can you be so sure? Is he not among the Judged?

    Male 1: Yes.


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  • TheScareCr0we

    Scarecrow lay there on Luciano's couch, staring absently at the ceiling, attempting to count the dust particles as they flew by. Upon losing track,he grew bored, and his mind started to wander to the incident of a few days ago. He wondered exaclty what the Nerve agents were doing there. That Cecil character seemed to think that Scarecrow was, himself responsible for the Agents' being there, however Scarecrow had initially belived the raid had to do with whatever was on Cecil's computer. The media had ironically correctly connected the raid with the appartment fire, and semi-correctly with the events at Yellowstone and Disney, though the extent of which Optic Nerve was involved with those events Scarecrow did not know.

    Decidng that he should…

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  • Cecil Z

    Update 2 - Cecil Z

    October 2, 2014 by Cecil Z


    I made a promise to myself a few years back that I wouldn't reveal more than I must. I was much more secretive back then. Only a handful of people knew about me, and even less knew my true identity. Alas, I have been drawn into the astonishing digital wonderland of the Internet, and while it is against my personal promise to record such things onto this vast frontier of information, something drives me forth into doing so.

    I have met a most wonderful young lady, roughly my age, plus three to six months. We will refer to her as "Phoenix", despite that not being her true name or identity, but I am not at any obligation to reveal her name, seeing as that would endanger myself further. I will also not descri…

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  • Cecil Z

    Update 1 - Cecil Z

    September 29, 2014 by Cecil Z

    Lost about half a year's worth a research during the raid. I've managed to compile notes on what I lost based on memory, but what I lost is virtually irreplacable. I wiped the servers and drives, but there's a chance the Optic Nerve will be able to recover the data for theirselves. I should have shredded it, but I didn't have the time. Darn it.

    Anyways, I should introduce myself. You can call me Cecil. Whether that is my true identity or not is up to you. Names and words exist to apply meaning to something, and if I mean "Cecil" to you, so be it. That being said, I do prefer Cecil, so if you would address me as such, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Enough with the introductions, at least for now. Sorry. This is a recor…

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  • TheScareCr0we

    RP News 9/27/14

    September 28, 2014 by TheScareCr0we

    Report from a california news station

    Today in Anaheim, California, local residents were shocked when blackhawk helicopters and what appeared to be federal agents surrounded an appertment at the far end of an allyway. A  bomb alledgedly went of during the raid, leading locals to belive that the appartment was housing terrorists. Rumors have it that the occupants were the ones responsible for the attacks on Yellowstone and Dinseyland three weeks ago.

    As this was the same town in which another appartment was burned down last week, local authorities are suspecting it's former occupant of being involved with the terrorists.

    "We cannot dismiss the idea" Says officer *******, a first responder to the fire. "It is absolutely possible that we could b…

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  • TheScareCr0we

    So yeah. Theres enough of the wiki made to start RP on it. Today I'll finnish up the Oath Breakers page, and the page for EAT and The Camper. 

    If you ahve suggestions, talk to me and I'll see what I can do. Like Photo has this idea for the red cap that he wants to share with me, and chances are I'll prbably include it.

    And if, say, Will want's to include angels and deamons somehow, Id be more than willing to add them. We'd have to work out how to make them mythos-related (as I zm trying to stick more closely with the actual fear myhtos with this one), simmilar to how Photo adapts certain things into his secrets RP (I actually love the artistic licence he's taken with it all.…

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  • Luciano Crilay


    September 27, 2014 by Luciano Crilay

    Never have I experienced such pain, such a burning fire within my body, crawling beneath my skin. My lungs are lying next to me on the table. How am I even breathing? Oh right. The tube they put in me. Why can't they just kill me already? I want to die. I can't stand this anymore. I'm sure the next thing they'll remove is my heart. How can they even do that without kiling me completely?

    They don't use any sort of pain numbing medication. I wish they would use something. I can't stay awake much longer. I can't handle this.

    The way they removed my arm and reattached it. I've never experiecned such pain in my entire life. Someone please, just kill me already. Any more of this and I'll 

    and I'LL


    I can feel the blood running down my face…

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  • Luciano Crilay


    September 26, 2014 by Luciano Crilay

    It seems I could have missed some occourances while I was away. To clarify the reason as to why I was absent, I have a short explaination for you all.

    I was gone to a medical conference in Britain. I absolutely loved it, and I have never felt more at home somewhere before. Really, that is all that happened.

    Except, it really isn't. I never knew how painful it is to die at the hands of a monster. But it is certainly enjoyable at times.

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  • TheScareCr0we

    The LA Times 9/17/14

    September 20, 2014 by TheScareCr0we

    Today a strange arson took place at The Villages appartment complex in Anaheim, Caifornia. Appartment number 513 was set ablaze, leaving it a smouldering wreck. Thankfully, the fire department arrived in time, and was able to put out the blaze before anyone was harmed.

    The two main suspects of the case are the appartment's owner, a Mr.Robert Kane, who hasn't been heard from in day's, and a mysterious figure in all black who had been seen entering and exiting the appartment complex for the past few days.

    Mr.Kane's car, which was missing from the complex's parking lot at the time of the fire, was strangely discovered empty at theYellowstone National Park in Wyoming, which has been closed to the public due to the recent attacks.

    What Mr.Kent has…

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  • TheScareCr0we

    That God Damn Stench

    September 8, 2014 by TheScareCr0we

    Scarecrowe sat on the leater recliner, watching the news as that godawful stench hit him. He had smelt it before, but he still would never get used to it. Getting up, he walked over to a counter where a can of febreeze sat, and took hold of it, spraying towards the direction of the source. Said source was a rather large metal oil drum, sitting in a corner of the rundown appartment. Once satisfyed, crowe returned to the chair, and began drinking a can of coke through a straw. As the news dronned on and on about the "bombings", he made a mental note to himself: Hydrocloric acid gets rid of bodies, not smells.

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  • Luciano Crilay


    September 8, 2014 by Luciano Crilay


    • I only met one new person today. Well, actually met I mean. I saw a few people I had never seen before, but I actually met this boy and spoke to him. He was actually my patient for a good.. ten minutes. I took his temperature and made a fool out of myself by looking at the thermometer wrong when I was checking to see what his actual temperature was. He was a teenage boy, couldn't have been more than sixteen, and he seemed even more antisocial than I am (not that I even mean to be antisocial, I just am). He wasn't rude to me, of course, so it seems he does have at least a few manners. Although he wasn't rude, he did seem to dislike me. I really hope that isn't the case (he did seem to just be a little prickly on the outside, after all).
    • OH…
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  • Luciano Crilay


    September 7, 2014 by Luciano Crilay
    • Patients 9/6: 1
    • Patients 9/7 - 9/9: 0
    • Pateints 9/10 - 9/26: Unknown
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  • Fobarimperius

    RP News 9/6/2014

    September 7, 2014 by Fobarimperius

    CHANNEL 400 News

    A busy news day today as a series of random situations struck across the United States today.

    Firstly, the evening was touched by a series of odd blue lights across Yellow Stone park. The lights were symmetrical and advancing across Yellowstone. Although these lights died out quickly before law enforcement could arrive, an explosion was visited to the location of a large mechanical vehicle that is assumed, at this time, to be a tank. The United States government has said no terrorist organization is claiming responsibility, although some experts believe it was the government themselves testing new devices in the national park. Charges are supposedly being pending towards the federal government in the event of new information…

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  • Useless-follower


    September 7, 2014 by Useless-follower

    Hi my name is josh. I decided to make these blog posts because I have nothing to do with my life so I may as well document the little that I do with it. I figured I should make my blog on this website because a friend introduced me to the mythos a while back and I thought it could be something worth getting into.

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