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• 9/5/2014


You wake up, groggy. The sun is beginning its ascent, making the sky an ever-lightening shade of dark blue. You're in the middle of Clooney, Nevada, a small town in the middle of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. You look around, peeking in and out of houses and stores; the only people here are as confused and scared as you are. It is September 1986, even though you are not from this time period.

Any attempt to leave the town limits results in a loss of consciousness and subsequent awakening - back in the center of town. You can't leave. Worst yet, there is a presence - some kind of unseen monster - stalking you. 

I don't like making character sheets that much, so I'll let you run free with it. However, there are some things I require.

- Name

- Age 

- Physical appearance 

- Psychological profile

Other than that, go in whatever direction you desire. I'll be accepting a limited number of proxies, note the keywords limited number, because I don't want a bunch of knife-wielding fanboys/girls running around talking about how they want to kill people and serve their master. 

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• 10/6/2014

Name: Spriggan Röiven
Reason or meaning of name: Spriggan is a cornish type of malicious fairy of kinds. Röiven/ Roiven is an old version of the word ´Rabe` which is german for Raven.
Birth date: 9th of November, 1997 Age: 17
Body build: Chubby, broad shouldered and tall.
Shape of face: Roundly, due to his weight.
Eye color: Greyish- Blue
Glasses: Yes.
Skin tone: White
Hair color: Blonde
Hairstyle: Long and chaotic, he's got also a ´magnificent` beard
Voice: Deep and thoughtfull
Physical disabilities: Motoric Handycaps, overweight, spastic tendencys
Outfit: Elegant black shoes with black jeans and a wide #TubeClash- Shirt with LeFloid. When outside, added with a long, black coat.
Good personality traits: Humor, Intelligence, Calmness
Bad personality traits: Inferiority Complex                                                                                                                 Sense of humor: Sarcasm. Mostly.
Character’s greatest joy in life: Getting acknowledged by others
Character’s greatest fear: Being worthless
Life philosophy: "I'll never be the last man standing, but I may be the first to get back on his feets."
If granted one wish, it would be: Being the most intelligent person ever
Character’s soft spot: Acts cruel and sarcastic, taunts others but couldn't ever do something really mean. He's too nice.
Is this soft spot obvious to others?: They try not to show it this much.
Greatest strength: Never gives up
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: Insecurity
Hometown: Distelberg, Lower Saxony, Germany
Type of childhood: He was the fat kid AND the weirdo. It was pretty much living hell.
Pets: He had lots of them. Had.
First memory: His second birthday. A goat bit his hand.
Most important childhood memory: A party to which he was invited. The first time people wanted to have him around.
Childhood hero: Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, queen of all weird kids who were bullied from being different
Education: German Gymnasium
Religion: Atheist Favourite Color: Black counts, right?
Music: Metal
Food: Tomato- Mozzarella
: Fantasy
Form of entertainment: Books, Games and the Internet
Extremely skilled at: Nothing
Extremely unskilled at: Maths
Nervous tics: Convulsive disorder

Psychological Profile: Healthy, apart from the mentioned complex

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